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Posted by SleP16 - October 20th, 2021

Just updated Voiceless with some minor QoL changes, and some extra stuff like new music and a new level. (This is NOT the version with all the new characters and levels I've been working on.)


-A new level

-New tutorial music

-New World 1 level 1 music

-Lowered difficulty

-Added Diagonal Dashing

-Added Slam ability

-More checkpoints

-Notes randomly disappearing when the song loops should be fixed now

-Updated tutorial



Posted by SleP16 - October 8th, 2021

We might have found what's causing the game to not load for some people, this will most likely be fixed when the next update releases


Posted by SleP16 - September 25th, 2021

So apparently, Voiceless just stopped loading for everyone, I really have no idea how to fix this because I... haven't changed/updated the game, it looks like it randomly stopped working

The game was made with Godot, I'm not really sure if this is a problem with the engine, I might just upload a desktop version because I don't know whats causing this lol


Posted by SleP16 - July 12th, 2021

Voiceless update coming soon probably

here's what the new movement looks like

Bugs that have been fixed so far:

  • Notes randomly disappearing for one beat after the song loops.
  • Rhythm blocks desyncing.

Changes that have been made to the mechanics:

  • You can now dash diagonally, upwards and downwards (you can only dash upwards once unless you do it from the ground, then you can dash upwards twice, you can dash downwards all you want.)
  • Added a new stomp move.
  • You will now recover automatically after tripping, no more falling to ur death.
  • You respawn almost instantly after dying now.
  • Landing state after tripping is way shorter now.

Difficulty has been lowered in all levels, removed a lot of spikes and also added more checkpoints.

I still need to change some stuff about the OST so it's easier to time your jumps and dashes by just listening to the music.


Posted by SleP16 - July 7th, 2021

So my game Voiceless got into the frontpage n' thanks to that we got a lot of useful reviews. I'm reading every single one to see what the most common problems are and fix em' in the next version. There's one little annoying bug I wanna talk about tho, I am currently working hard to get it fixed.

Some people have mentioned how sometimes the notes disappear for one beat and the rhythm blocks go out of sync, we are aware of this bug. I've already fixed the notes disappearing and not being in sync part, however, the blocks still go out of sync sometimes and appear / disappear on the wrong beat, am still figuring out why that happens, and even if they appear on the correct beat, sometimes the sound effect they make sounds delayed, sadly this seems to be a problem with Godot (the game engine Voiceless uses) itself, when I replicated this behaviour in another game engine (Game Maker) everything sounds perfectly on sync with the music, so right now we don't really know how to get this audio delay fixed (Or maybe I just suck at code, idk.)

At the same time I feel like it's not worth fixing this since we are gonna switch to Game Maker Studio 2 for the full game, as it seems to handle rhythm stuff much better than Godot does.

We will keep tweaking game mechanics / level design, DIFFICULTY and music until everything feels right, will probably update the game here for a bit, we ain't planning on making the full version until we get every problem fixed first.